A hens party is a must!

Whether you go out to a quiet dinner with a few friends, or hit the clubs with your whole gang, it’s your last symbolic night as a single woman.

Which is why it has to be unforgettable.

That said, these days most of us are too busy to organise an entire hen’s party by ourselves; and that’s where professionals like myself come in. To help with your planning, here are my top tips for putting together a hens party your bride-to-be will never forget!


If you don’t know what your hen wants, then ask her!

While you want her night to be unforgettable, you want it to be for the right reasons (not because you ordered a private stripper and she ran out of the hotel crying because she’d promised her fiancé there’d be no naked men!).


Different hens will have different expectations.

Some hens will tell you exactly what they want down to the letter, and you’re expected to follow each and every instruction (hey, it’s their party, why shouldn’t they?!). Others will give you a vague idea of what they want, leaving it to you to organise (great, right?!). And then some will tell you to surprise them (the worst of the three, what if you don’t choose the right party?!).


There are so many different ideas; from strip shows, weekends away, dinner and dancing, high tea, treasure hunts and so on.

You can make a night out of it or an entire weekend – it’s all up to your hen.

Just make sure you get her guest list before anything else so you know approximately how many people are invited (sometimes venues have a minimum number rule, meaning if your group is too small or large you can’t book).

Some businesses, such as Hens Parties Australia, offer amazing packages to make this (and a few other) steps easier for you!


Once you’ve found a selection of activities (or an activity package), it’s time to contact all of the guests and organise a date (unless your hen’s already chosen it!).

It’s super hard to get so many people together on the same day, and even once agreed some people will change their mind (or something will come up); so try not to worry too much about exact numbers at this stage.


A great idea is to appoint another one of the bridesmaids as Treasurer. You will be having enough trouble trying to get everyone to tell you if they’re coming and dealing with the party organisation (and/or event coordinators); so trying to collect money on top of that can be frustrating. By sharing the load you are sharing the stress; if you do it alone it can feel very chaotic and nerve wracking.

Encourage your treasurer to start collecting the money at least 4 weeks before the event (you will find that sometimes people don’t have the money to spare, or are always busy and don’t have the time to transfer it).

And speaking of money, don’t ever pay for someone who says they are coming but won’t pay you. The number of times a client has called me after an event saying she paid for someone who didn’t turn up and would like to see if she can get her money back is staggering. You cannot, in the majority of cases, get your money back after the event as everything will have been organised for a certain number of people (and the venue/business did their part).

As you can see, organising a hen’s party doesn’t have to be painful, but if you DO need some help Hens Parties Australia have an amazing selection of packages available (including the option to customize your own!). Our event coordinators make everything easy, from booking the activities to organising transport and accommodation (if you’re wanting a flash ride to your event or somewhere to crash after).

Throughout the process you can ask as many questions as you want (we’re here to help you, so please don’t worry even if you’re ringing or emailing 4 times a day!).

Simply log on to our website, choose a package and let us do the rest!


HENS PARTIES AUSTRALIA Giving you a night you’ll never forget!

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