Whether you’re having a luxurious night with your friends or a crazy night out, you should incorporate the games that demand less preparation and efforts. Party games are the perfect way to distract the whole group from their phones and bring remarkable memories to the table.

We have listed down some hilarious hens party gamesthat will encourage everyone to come out of their shells and enjoy each moment to the fullest. Do check them out!

1.  Banned Words
This game is super fun, easy and interesting as you want. Select the list of words that are not allowed to speak throughout the night. It would be more exciting if you choose the words that aren’t easy to avoid. Decide your choice of penalty for breaking the rules such as paying a fine or any dare.

2. Mr & Mrs Quiz
Challenge the bride and test how better she knows her other half with amazing Mr and Mrs Quiz game. Encourage everyone to ask one question to the bride and choose a forfeit if the bride gives the wrong answer.

3. The Prosecco Challenge
If you are having a big night out with your pals, then take the personalised pop-up dice with you and fill your hen with brilliant dares. You can make it more fun by insisting everyone to take a shot every time when the bride completes her dare.

4. Lingo Bingo
Lingo bingo is a super interesting game where each person receives a card. Each time one of your numbers or any creative signs is called you have to mark it or make a noise. It could be an excellent game to play with your small group of friends at a hen party.

About the Bride
Last but possibly not least, your hens’ party can be as naughty and incredible as you like it to be. Ask each guest to anonymously write down their favourite memories with the bride on a slip of paper. Then the bride will read it aloud and guess the person who wrote it. This is an excellent way to determine how much the bride’s know about her friends and their perspectives.

If you’re planning to make your hen party even more memorable, don’t forget to involve these games on your special night.